Fruit, the perfect snack.

Always have a plan of what you’re going to eat when you leave your home.

So often, my previous “dieting” attempts were foiled by me getting so hungry that I would have eaten anything you’d have put in front of me, regardless of what diet I was on due to the fact that I went to long without eating.  Over time, I learned that I had to eat small snacks in between meals.  I found that fruit is an excellent choice for several reasons; it’s already portioned out, it usually needs to packaging, it tastes good, it has vitamins and nutrients and gives you a nice shot of energy while at the same time keeping your blood sugar stable and your hunger under control.

So I suggest, always having a plan when you leave your home.  That’s not to say you can’t improvise on the fly, but at least give yourself some healthy options and try to always leave with some fruit or veggie and, of course, a cannister of water.  Have an idea of where you may be eating your next meal, if not at home, and what you may enjoy that day.  If you start off your journey from home with these intentions firmly in your mind, you will be far more likely to manifest the desired outcome.

Wishing you an energetic day.

Nealon Hightower

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  1. Post the awesome video you mentioned.
    I’m going to send this up to CNN. I know someone up there that would eat this up. Probably put you on the news by the end of the week. That will make your traffic soar.

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