Top 10 Tips on Mindful Eating
November 21, 2009

Daddy says I've mastered mindful eating!

(Stonyfield emailed me and totally dug this photo, clearly we endorse this product, or can you tell?  🙂

“What’s that?  I couldn’t hear you, Lost is on…would you please wait until a commercial, I think Hurley found some more peanut butter hidden under a palm tree.” (as a half dozen pieces of buttered popcorn fall to the couch staining your shirt on their decent)

Mindful eating is all about staying in the moment.  Of course, this is good advice all day long, but I’m specifically talking about being present when you are eating.

One of the obstacles I had to overcome was to be aware of when and how much I was eating.  When I started out, I was a fast eater.  I could get through two plates before you finished your salad, quicker than a buzz cut 19-year-old fresh out of boot camp.  (more…)