Inspiration vs. Motivation
March 4, 2010

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I’m not sure how many times someone has asked me where I get the motivation to keep on going and to have released so much excess body fat.  More than a couple, for sure.  My response is always the same.  Motivation is great to get you through a particularly tough moment in time.  I’ve heard it called temporary emotional fuel….temporary.   The problem comes in when we demand that our endeavors at self-improvement are propelled by nothing more than motivation and will power.  Eventually, it runs out.  It was never intended to last forever.  Motivation is something that comes from something external, like someone getting you pumped up to try harder or some event that you want to excel at or ages ago, perhaps a saber tooth tiger trying to eat you.  It works very well, but when you take away the external stimulus, the motivation usually wanes.

I offer an alternative; (more…)