What if you make a mistake?
November 14, 2009

Bradley Hightower

Just be cool...It'll be alright.

You know, sooner or later, we’ll all mess up.  Welcome to the human experience.  It’s bound to happen.   It’s natural and it’s ok.  It’s all a part of the process.  We have to make mistakes to learn from them and move on and grow.  The problem comes in when people make a mistake, like eat something they shouldn’t have or a bunch of somethings they shouldn’t have or perhaps go on a 2 week bender adhering to a strict regimen of food and alcohol…no matter what it is, the problem comes in when we don’t forgive ourselves and get into a self loathing mindset.   It was this kind of behavior that keeps us overweight and I’m not so much talking about the mistake, its the thinking.  In the big picture, that chocolate brownie sundae will be long gone in a day but it’s your mind that keeps telling you you suck and you shouldn’t even bother.   Well you don’t suck…you are a beautiful piece of universal creation, perfect in every way.  You have everything you need right inside of you.  The journey to health is a return trip from where you started.  You don’t have to add to the person you are, just take away the things you’re not….and you are not your mistakes and you are definitely not that triple layer double chocolate devil’s fudge pound cake…you are a perfect creation, so forget the mistake, allow yourself to forgive yourself and get back out there and start again.  Mistakes are part of the process, and it’s the process or the journey that it’s all about.

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