National Park Week


One of the most powerful ways to regain a sense of self and get connected to your true nature, which of course is one of good health, is to get in touch with nature. These days, it seems to me, like so many of us spend so much of our time inside, in front of computers and televisions, in heated and air conditioned spaces that we don’t get as many opportunities as we once did, as a people, to experience the outdoors. The outdoors give us a chance to get exercise, breath in some fresh air and connect to something that is very deeply ingrained in us. The benefits of which we may never really understand the depths of.

This week coming up, April 17-25, 2010, is a great opportunity to do just that, for FREE! It’s National Park Week and anyone can gain access at no charge to all of America’s 392 national parks. So there you go…no more excuses, its free. Get out there and enjoy it. You may just find something you didn’t expect to find.

Thought you should know….”Just call it one guy trying to do another guy a solid.”

With nothing but your perfect health in my vision,

Nealon Hightower

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2 Responses

  1. I will be happy to simply get outside and walk… national park or not.

  2. Good stuff, letting people know about this. Its also worth mentioning that the NP’s are never that pricey anyways and the best times to go are right before summer when things tend to get crowded.

    Alas, I will be white water kayaking on these dates but hope that all will get out and enjoy!

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