Getting back on track


Ever find yourself doing really well and then for some  non-apparent reason you just plain get off track?  I think it’s part of being human.  It happens to the best of us with work, relationships and of course our health maintenance.  The challenge, as I see it, is that when it comes to work or family there always seems to be someone around to give you a good poke and get you re-aligned to get you moving back in the right direction, however, when it’s your own health, most people won’t say a word.  Perhaps they don’t realize you need help, perhaps they’re not doing so well either, perhaps they figure it’s your life, your body, do what you will.  In any event, it can be difficult to get going in the right direction again when you seem to have lost momentum.  So, how do we get going again?  Simple……..

Start with the easiest things and work your way up from their.  Whenever I find myself sliding off track, I take a look at what I’m doing.  This ties back into the second simple truths relating to mindfulness.  I usually first notice that I’ve stopped drinking my water, then I see that I’m no longer taking my vitamins.  A closer examination reveals that I missed my fruit that day or perhaps didn’t get my vegetables in.  As I slowly start with the easiest things, I very quickly (much quicker than when I started out several years ago) find my inspiration and get aligned with my true nature.  Before you know it, I’m back to walking regularly and I always feel the same way when I’m back in alignment….why did I ever leave?  It feels so good to be in alignment with your true nature, which of course is one of great health.

I realize that many people are challenged by this topic so I’ve decided to break it down into several parts over the next week or two.  I’ll show you several different easy methods that I have used to break through these perceived barriers.  I’m also asking that everyone share their best tip for getting back on track when you’ve found you’ve slipped, so please, add a comment and share, or at lease forward this article to someone who could benefit from it…remember, giving back is what the 5th Simple Truth is all about!

Love to all,

Nealon Hightower

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Neal-

    Congratulations on your magnificent weight loss journey and your inspiration to others to launch their own personal success as well! You are excellent spokesperson of extreme changes in body & mind definition. I was very impressed with your story and energy when I first met you….at a recent Joyce Rennolds’ workshop. Good luck with your upcoming workshops and the launch of your book!

    All the best,

    Sue Steel

  2. Neal,It was good to see you this morning at the Y. You asked us how we get back on track when we slip. My personal story can be heard at – #18. For over 21 years I have been 150 lbs +/- 5 lbs after years of cycling up and down and reaching a peak of 100 lbs more than I am today. I think my story/history before OA is convincing evidence that I am/was an active addict when it came to food/eating.

    On march the 7th I turned 75 and there are some feelings associated with that event. I don’t know the actual nature of all the feelings, but I do recall that I would have been grazing the food before joining Overeaters Anonymous in 1986 if I had such feelings.

    Step 12 of the 12 Steps is similar to the 5th Simple Truth. The AA Big Book (available to free to read at haas the following quote about the recently sober father: “For a time he may try to hug the new treasure to himself. He may not see at once that he has barely scratched a limitless lode which will pay dividends only if he mines it for the rest of his life and insists on giving away the entire product.” (Big Book, p.129)

    Thanks for helping me “give away the entire product” on your blog.


  3. Neal:
    I love reading your encouraging ideas. They are helping me get back on tract with my weight gain due to the long illness. Thanks for everthing.

    • Keep on trucking, Matt. You are an inspiration and I love you. You were one of the first people who, through your own transformation, gave me hope that I could do the same.

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