Gone but not forgotten…

It is with great sorrow that I must announce that Eve, my beloved friend and loyal assistant (smartphone ppc6900) has met her maker and is no longer with us.

Eve on life support (near the end)

It happened upon a sunny Saturday morning when I was traveling along in the wilderness of  North Georgia and found need to cross the Chatooga river (just so happened to be the same one Deliverance was filmed on).  With my inexperience in such river crossings, I mindlessly crossed at the narrowest part of the river which also happened to be where the current was strongest (duh).  I unwittingly took my shoes off to do this.

It should be noticed that I was accompanied by my cousin, and highly esteemed outdoor enthusiast, who fortunately is a Wilderness First Responder.  He was very helpful.

He was the first to respond...Havoc was ready too.

My feet failed to grip the slimy smooth stones and were swept out from under me.  I took a terrible tumble down the river where I was, not unlike a pinball in an arcade game, thrown about the rocks.  Result?  Two banged up knees, a smashed thigh, a welted back and let’s not forget the broken second to last toe on my left foot and, of course, the beginning of the steady decline of my dear friend Eve who has officially bit the proverbial digital dust just minutes ago during a failed hard reset.  She hung on bravely for 3 days, but alas, knew when to let go (when I reset her).

I’d like to tell you there was a deep moral lesson here, other than how to cross a river, and I’m sure there is, but in my current state, I’ve just not found it yet.  If anyone wants to share their insights with me, I’m open to receive.

I’m happy to report there was nothing permanently damaged, save my ego.  I can tell you I’m grateful I didn’t crack my head open.

Thanks for listening,

Nealon Hightower

Have a free tip…

Can you believe my camera still worked? (Panasonic Lumix)


P.s.  While connecting with nature…don’t connect too hard.


6 Responses

  1. yah ummm the lesson was…stay 3 more days in sunny az. RIP, EVE …RY

  2. Not everything that happens in life is a life lesson. If this WAS a lesson, and unless you are a god (small “g”), it is a repeat lesson since I’m sure this isn’t the first dumbass thing you’ve ever done so let’s move on.

    However, every experience is a learning experience. River crossings aside, perhaps you learned:

    1. Always back up your PDA
    2. Anthorpomorphism with a PDA is a little weird
    3. Not taking this hike alone was REALLY smart
    4. Taking it with an outdoorsman, first responder and a dog is REALLY, REALLY smart.
    5. Crawling back to where you started by yourself would have taken a REALLY long time.
    6. When those guys on the Weather Channel tell you for the umpteenth time that two feet of running water is really powerful they know what they are talking about.
    7. There are too many other learning experiences to mention.

    Get well soon!


  3. Confucious says…. ”Don’t bring phone with you when crossing river”

    Love, Kelly – hugs to poor Eve

  4. Neal,
    Would you please be careful?!

  5. Lesson 1. Sacrifices must be made in the name of fun.
    Lesson 2. Listen to the WFR as to where to cross river.
    Lesson 3. Fat floats, and because of your amazing weight loss you may have struck the rocks a bit harder then you would have 2 years ago. (This is the universe reminding you to be humble.)

  6. Personally I think you should have kept your relationship purely business…then you would not have felt so bad.

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