Inspiration vs. Motivation

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I’m not sure how many times someone has asked me where I get the motivation to keep on going and to have released so much excess body fat.  More than a couple, for sure.  My response is always the same.  Motivation is great to get you through a particularly tough moment in time.  I’ve heard it called temporary emotional fuel….temporary.   The problem comes in when we demand that our endeavors at self-improvement are propelled by nothing more than motivation and will power.  Eventually, it runs out.  It was never intended to last forever.  Motivation is something that comes from something external, like someone getting you pumped up to try harder or some event that you want to excel at or ages ago, perhaps a saber tooth tiger trying to eat you.  It works very well, but when you take away the external stimulus, the motivation usually wanes.

I offer an alternative;

Inspiration.  The main difference between the two is inspiration comes from within and you have an inexhaustible supply.  It is a result of you following your heart and aligning with your true nature, which is for sure, one of health.  You will know you are aligned with your true nature by tuning in to your emotional states.  When you are feeling your best, odds are, you’re aligned.  This is what helps you take great care of your children, day in and day out, even if  you’re sick.  You love them, with your heart and you are aligned.  No matter how hard it gets, you keep going because of this alignment with your heart.  When you learn to love yourself with that same passion, you will rarely lead yourself astray.  Motivation can still be useful to you, but not required to put that doughnut down 🙂

Have an inspiring day!  For a great inspirational interview from an expert weight loss blogger, Lorrie, “The Token Fat Girl” click here.

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And what if you should falter?


I'm inspired to go to the gym!


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