A Secret Ingredient to Effortless Ease

Ever wonder why some people seem to get amazing things done with what seems like no effort at all?  Do you know anyone who day in and day out gets out there and does the things that perhaps we wish we were driven to do?  Maybe it’s exercise, hard work, dedication to practice or helping others.  Well, I have found there are many components that go into living an inspired life and achieving your goals with effortless ease, but there is one that in my mind sticks out head and shoulders above the rest.  To me, for this there is just no substitute for and it’s one of the main reasons I get up every morning……

I remember vividly being 325 lbs.  I remember being tired, no energy to get up, much less a desire to do so.  My transformation was gradual and I didn’t always know what I was doing or why it was working.  As I look back and analyze what it was that worked for me, it is all very clear to me now.

I took the black and white and added some color to it.  I stopped looking at exercise as something that needed to be done and started looking at it as something that could be enjoyable.  I found ways to incorporate technology to track and monitor my activities that made it feel more like a game than a task.  I spent time with people whose company I enjoyed and we did physical activities like hiking, walking or volleyball.

Now, several years later, I have made it a way of life.  Even just last weekend, I spent the three days on a guided outdoor adventure.  Three days in the cold, feet wet, snow on the ground and here I was heffing a 50lb pack up through the slippery Appalachian Trail in the blistering wind.  This is something that two short years ago not only would have been my idea of torture, it probably would have sent me into cardiac arrest.  But as I climbed to the peak of particular mountain and looked out over the beautiful scape, I was absolutely filled with a powerful energy.  I just couldn’t help but smile and be nothing but happy.  This was where it was at.

There are many ways to make things fun and therefor easy if only you approach them with that in mind.  You have to look at the things you previously thought were difficult and find fun in them.   A great mentor of mine often says,

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”  –Wayne Dyer

You see, you will attract to you whatever it is you’re expecting to get.  Expect misery and you’ll find plenty of it.  Expect fun and you will see it is waiting for you around every corner.  Yes, fun is an ingredient I have found indispensible in my recipes for life.  Like I said, it’s one of the main reasons I jump out of bed every morning.

Be well and don’t forget to have fun!  It’s free.


Nealon Hightower

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4 Responses

  1. Great article. Yesterday, my business partner and I were talking about people that has “too much universe” and not enough “hustle” — you put it with ease! Love it.

  2. Hi Neal
    As I am starting my Monday morning, I heard myself thinking “This is going to be a fun day”. Suddenly I remembered where it was inspired from – It was from your post from Friday 2/18/10. So, I read it again. Thanks again for sharing your inspirational words and videos!

  3. Great post and awesome video. I love the Fun Theory!

  4. dang sweet story dude.

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