The Pendulum

The Zen of pendulum swingingEver feel like you’re trying too hard but not sustaining the results you desire?  There’s a very good reason for that.  Quite often in life we tend to go all or nothing and thus goes the swinging of the pendulum.  I found in the past when I would try to “diet” that I would be so strict and exercise so intensely that after several weeks I would inevitably burn out and ultimately quit.  I would have drug my metabolism so low that when I reintroduced the no-so-healthy foods back into my life, I would gain all the weight right back and then some.  Now, as Forrest Gump says, “I am not a smart man….” but I do know this is no way to release weight.

After hundreds of failed dieting attempts, what I finally realized was that an even and calm approach was the answer.  You see, when I was dieting and exercising to the extreme, I was setting myself up for failure because this was behavior that I had no intention of keeping up over the long term.  This meant there was a very low sustainability factor.  This is what inspired me to create an entire approach to weight release that I had never tried before.  It was a gradual and progressive building up of my habits, my intentions and perhaps most importantly, my confidence.  The end result?  Once I had jumped off the pendulum, I realized that I could very easily sustain a reasonable approach to healthy living.  Good health was effortlessly manifested.

This same approach to other areas of our lives may be just what it takes to get you what you desire, if what you have been trying has not been working.  I know one thing for sure….it is definitely easier.

“I know there’s a balance.  I see it when I swing past.” – John Mellencamp

May you manifest a beautiful day full of fun and health.


Nealon Hightower

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  1. Neal, You have definitely put your finger on a key in my personal approach to healthy living. When I used to diet down only to cycle up to a new peak weight it was all or nothing. Consistency and balance has worked best for me over the past 23 years.


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