Five Great Life Lessons

My father and dear friend, Fred Hightower, Jr. passed last week after a two-year long bout with cancer.  We had a service for him at which I spoke to say a few words to honor his life.  There were many things that I learned from my father and he was my biggest fan and supporter for my book and my blog and my endeavors to help people live a healthier life.  I want to share briefly some of those things my father’s life taught me.

  1. Live each day to the fullest.  Life is a precious gift and it is meant to be filled with joy and happiness.
  2. Never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them.  They need to know and it will brighten even the darkest days.
  3. Follow your passion.  It can never lead you wrong.  It is why you’re here.
  4. Stay in the present moment.  It is the only moment that will ever truly matter. The past is over and the future hasn’t happened yet.
  5. Have fun.  If it isn’t going to be fun, It’s probably not worth doing

Your physical presence will be missed, Dad, but your love is still very much alive in all that I do and in all that I am.

Your loyal son,


got to to learn more about my dad’s life



2 Responses

  1. right on, bro…he certainly did teach us a lot and touch our lives deeply. our lives are fuller and richer because of dad. we are open to all kinds of possibilities that we might not have otherwise been open to, because of dad. rest in peace dad…we love you so much…..Ry

  2. Yes, Fred touched a lot of lives and a lot of people loved him very much. I learned a lot from him and I will miss him so much. There is always going to be a piece of me missing-like a void in my heart. I loved him so much! Ry and Neal you are incredible in all that I saw this last week. It was so good to be together to share all the memories about your Dad, my brother. Thank you so very much!

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