Is Your Cup Too Full?

In this day and age with so much information at the tips of our fingers with books, magazines, e-articles and the endless barrage of television, we can be so bombarded with information that we don’t know which way is up.  We don’t know who to believe when it come to restoring balance to our health.  It seems like every expert is contradicting another in an effort to get you to purchase their program, product or ideas.

There’s a way to see your way through this… It reminds me of the famous story of the professor and the Zen Master.

A professor, who is very well versed in a wide array of topics from history to science to meditation feels as though he has finally gathered all the knowledge this world has to offer him.  There is but one person left that can teach him the last piece of the puzzle, the purpose of life.  That person is a very old and wise Zen Master who lives in seclusion.

The man travels a long way to get there and travels by foot to finish his journey.  He climbs to the top of the hill where the old master lives.  He is invited inside.   He continues to tell his story of his trip and how he has studied under so many different masters and gained a vast array of knowledge but he still needed to know the purpose of life.  He wanted his new master to feel him worthy of that which he requested.

The Zen Master quietly looked him in the eye and asked if he would like some tea.  The man, parched from his journey, said, “Oh, yes.  That would be great, thank you.”   The master calmly poured his tea and poured and poured until the tea had overflowed to the table and then on to the floor.

The professor looked at the old man thinking perhaps her eyesight was failing.  “Stop.  Why do you keep pouring?  The cup is full and overflowing.”

The Zen Master replied, “Just like your mind.  There is no room for anything further.”

Just like that cup of tea, this is how our minds can become.  I offer you a way through the confusion.  Start with the simple and basic truths.  They will always be true and like a fine compass, will always point you in the right direction…everytime.

I always find it most easy to start with Gratitude to bring about the peace Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks of in his article on the subject.

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3 Responses

  1. There is a reference to this Zen Master quote in the movie 2012.

  2. John Cusack Saves

  3. I feel like this a lot, and it’s so easy to forget that it really isn’t that complicated. Thanks for this reminder…

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