Get Above the Clouds

Atlanta Election

Get Above the Clouds

As I was departing my fair city of Atlanta yesterday, I noticed what a rainy, dark and cloudy day it was. With the sun hidden it was easy to forget it was there as we were on the brink of a big controversial mayoral election between Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed, a heated and racially charged campaign, and I thought how symbolic it was that the sky should be so overcast.  It was cold and I was ready to leave, heading for a warmer climate for a few days.

As I was sitting in my seat waiting for the takeoff, always my favorite part of flying, we gradually rose up into the clouds where we couldn’t see a thing and then magically rose up above the thick white blanket of clouds to see a beautiful sight.  The sun was illuminating the top of the clouds and there was an awesome canvas full of shapes and textures, not one like another, a true masterpiece.  All I could think was how I couldn’t see any of this beauty from the ground, from my previous perspective and it hit me what a powerful metaphor this was.

Sometimes, we only need change our point of perception or point of attraction to get a different result from the apparent same set of circumstances.  Keep this in mind as you face challenges on your transformational journey that you can choose the way you opt to look at things and the things you opt to look at will change, right before your eyes, just like rising through the clouds in a 747.



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