Feeling Guilty?

Dump the Weight (and the guilt)!

Feeling guilty because you haven’t been able to dump the excess weight?

Did you know that 95 out of 100 people who start a diet program fail?  Any idea why that is?  I’ll tell you whyIt’s because all this time we’ve been working on the body hoping that will change the mind and we’ve had it backwards.

Wherever your mind goes and whatever it decides, you body WILL follow…not sometimes, every time. You see all we need to do is start the other way around. Do you know I didn’t even start to really look at my diet until after the first  50 lbs or so were gone?  If you can get yourself to think right, everything else will fall in place.  You’ve probably heard incredible people like Wayne Dyer say things like “your thoughts become things”, or “what you think about, you bring about”.  My father always says everything that has been brought into reality was created twice; once in someone’s mind and then again in the physical realm.

Your perfect body will first need to be created in your mind and it has to come about with a positive mental image and visualization.  It will come about with proper and encouraging communication from the person in charge here…YOU!

So, feeling guilty?  Don’t bother with guilt.  It serves no purpose on this journey.  Everything you have done has led you up to this point in life and this is a great time to be alive.  Focus all you have to be grateful for and you will realize that everything that you’ve been through was training for the rest of your life.  And the rest of your life….well, if you stick with me, I’m going to show you how to make it the better portion of your time here on this little blue planet.

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  1. Thanks Nealon. Just wanted to let you know I am greatful. My desk and work load looks cleaner and closer to finished already!

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