You are Perfect!

undamaged little souls

This can be a challenge for some overweight people to really accept because we’ve had it pounded into our heads that something is wrong with us, but before you shut down the thought and write it off, please…hear me out.

Inside you resides perfect health.  This is the state from which you came from.  Along the path of life we have added on a bunch of extra (and many unneccessary) beliefs about the way things are.  We added on things like guilt, depression, anger, bitterness, self loathing, and so on and so on.  We piled them on high like toppings from a desert buffet at Golden Corral.  Sometimes it seems like the person in front of you is slinging them on. They manifested things like sickness, obesity, disease, you get the idea. The  point is they are not a part of your true self.

Your true self, you inner self, the part of you that is guided by your heart; it is perfect.  Have you ever thought about someone who perhaps has some negative attributes but said, “but, deep down, they are a good person”?  Of course, because “deep down” we all are, that is the perfection I speak of.   You came from it, you can return to it.  You only have to let go of the things you are not.

The difficulty in the way we tend to approach this entire obesity problem is that we think the answer is out there and if we keep looking, we’ll find it.  Maybe the answer is in someone else, maybe it’s in a diet product, maybe its in some new exercise regimen.   Search as you may, and people have been searching long before you came on the scene, you won’t find it because what you seek is inside you.

You see, you can’t heal your weight until you realize only you have the power to do so, from within.  Does that make sense?

I had to learn this the hard way, but you can change your point of view in an instant.  Tune back in for how to start this process.  Sign up for automatic updates with the little orange satellite icon in the upper right hand corner.

With Love,




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