Lose vs. Release

Am I losing my hair or releasing it?

Ever lose your keys?  Ok, maybe not you, but how about someone you know?  What happened?  I bet you found them.  If you didn’t find them, I bet you replaced them.  You see the problem with losing anything is that at some level we expect to get it back or at least we think it’s a possibility.  Anyone who has been overweight has lost weight, only to find it again along with a little extra for good measure, just so our body’s can teach our minds a lesson about deprivation.  (He’s your weight back, smartass, and a couple more to deposit you know where, now give me my brownie back!)

The other problem we run into when we talk about losing anything, is it conjures up a feeling of something being taken away.  We keep our fat for a reason.  It may not make sense in a “left brain” way of thinking, but we’ve all lost things and it was almost never a good experience.

You see, the words we chose tend to shape the thoughts we have which lead us to the things we manifest.  Choose the wrong words, have the wrong thoughts, manifest the unintended thing.

So what’s the answer?….

Release….ahhh.  I have come to find pure comfort in the word, comfort like I used to find in macaroni and cheese or a nice hunk of chocolate cake.  Where was I…oh yeah, release.  It’s such a great and empowering concept.  It allows you to just let go.  Hale Dwoskin has perfected release with the Sedona Method, and it really is a simple method.   Now when you truly release something, it’s gone, not suppressed, not lost, not hiding, gone because you’ve let it go, for good.

So, just understand, and I’ll be talking much more about the way you communicate, especially with yourself, but for now, I’m passing around a petition to stop calling it weight loss and start calling it fat release.  That’s kind of thinking will get you much farther.

You CAN do it!  Much love to all.


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  1. I just want everyone to know, that is Lisa from Ms. Lisa’s Cuts For Kids (at the cottage 914 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030, 404-729-4606). She is awesome!! and reasonable and is taking on more clients. Very highly recommended-Nealon

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