Get your beauty sleep…

Daddy says get plenty of sleep.

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep when it comes to attracting your perfect weight (and health).   Sleep is highly underrated but I have become very aware of my body and how it feels from day to day and the days when I don’t get enough sleep I definitely notice a difference in my appetite as well as my energy levels.  Your body needs the downtime to rest and repair.  When you don’t get enough your body goes into a deprivation mode.  Your metabolism slows down and everything stops working the way nature intended.  I notice my drive is lower, my mojo is just basically off, so although there are certainly going to be times when you can’t avoid it, always try to get enough.  I find I do fine on about 7 hours.

It is a major piece of the puzzle.  When I was at my heaviest I had sleep apnea, which is common in obese people. I would wake myself up every so often when I was sleeping and never could get a full nights sleep.  Combine that with carrying around the equivalent of another human being and yeah…I was ready for a nap after lunch, but of course never could get one so I just pushed on through only to have another night of poor sleep.  Once I started clipping along with my weight, the apnea went away and I got a much better night’s sleep.  If you snore a lot and you’re excessively overweight, you can get a sleep study done and the condition can be dealt with.   Otherwise, it can be a huge uphill battle.

And one more thing, I will rarely push myself to get up extra early to go the gym or workout if I haven’t gotten enough sleep.  You’re better off getting the rest and finding another time.  You’re body can go into a catabolic state and you can actually do more damage to your body than good.  So get your rest.  (one of these days I’m going to blog about my strong opinion of getting the best mattress your money can buy)


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