Start Slow, Speedracer

Lose weight(this is our new baby, nothing to do with the blog, but isn’t she cute?)

Now you have to understand, I’ve tried, sometimes successfully, sometimes not to lose weight and get in shape no less than 100 times in the past (could be more, don’t really want to think about it).  Here was my standard protocol,

1. go grocery shopping, buy a ton of good food

2. make sure my gym membership is up to date so they don’t flag me when they see this stranger come in,

3. Get a diet/exercise log going

4. proceed to punish the hell out of my body as penance for all my bad deeds

5. usually make it about 14 days on a Body for Life sprint, (that’s a good run) only to fall flat on my face at which point I end up feeling like more of a failure than I ever did when I started.

So here’s where I was at.  I couldn’t go through that again.  Now, I don’t mean that I didn’t feel like it, I meant I really couldn’t do it.  I was at the point where I said to myself, I guess this is just as good as it gets and I should just learn to accept it.  No, we have to keep trying…somewhere in the echoes of my mind I could still hear Tony Robbins saying to me “you don’t fail unless you stop trying”…ok Tony, what’s not perfect, yet?  You’re fat, brother, that’s what’s not perfect!  My inner dialog kept going (I know nobody else out there talks to themselves like this, right?) Well, IF I was going to take another whack at this, what would I do?  What would it be like?  Better yet, if this experience could be anyway I wanted it to be, what would that look like?  Well, as long as we’re having fun with this, I thought, I said, “If it could be anyway, I would have it be easy”.  Now I know what you may be thinking, this is not easy, right?  Well, I just entertained the possibility.  I asked myself, “If it were easy, where would you start?”

I would start with just ONE thing.  That would be easy.  “Well what would that one thing be?” I asked myself in a somewhat sarcastic tone.  Ummm, well, I haven’t had a green vegetable in a good couple of months, how about if I added one vegetable every day?  Ok, sounds good….and so this conversation went for several weeks.  It was simple and easy enough, so I decided to add a fruit everyday the next week.  The following weeks I came to the conclusion that I was walking around in a state of constant dehydration, so I decided to add 64 ounces of water (that’s only the equivalent of 4 pints of beer :), I mean come on, you can do that standing on your head).  Ok, that’s what I did (I drank the water, not the beer).  I kept going and I started feeling a bit better…go figure.  I knew at some point I had to add exercise to this crazy stunt I was trying to pull off, so, remembering that this has to be easy, I added 15 minutes of walking, 3 times per week.

Things progressed along like this for quite some time and that’s when I had an epiphany ( had a lot of these)…..



3 Responses

  1. I really like this blog- I’ve been meaning to lose a little weight and I think your list can help me out some. I like how the flow of your blog is conversational… that’s how mine is and I think it makes things easier to read. I feel like you’re talking to *me* and I really like that. Great blog! I will definitely be keeping up with it! 🙂

    (PS- I was in the blogging class and got your e-mail… that’s how I found you.)

  2. I agree with Tracy. I found this blog to be very inspiring
    and clearly communicated.
    The process of this journey sounds like a peaceful and kinder way to approach this lifestyle and get a healthy
    result, as you have proved to yourself and now sharing
    with the world. I thank you for that.
    I too have to loose some pounds and I will be following
    your blog with positive anticipation.


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